Digby Modena Antracite Porcelain 0.64m2 (Box Of 2 Slabs)

Digby Modena Antracite 800 x 400 Porcelain Paving (Box Of 2 Slabs) 0.64m2

Price: £21.61 inc VAT £18.01 exc VAT

Porcelain is the most innovative product in the world of landscaping. Fired at up to 1400°C, this product offers exceptional durability alongside high performance technology, which allows you to have a low maintenance landscape combined with the beautiful aesthetic of natural paving. It has numerous beneficial attributes, including:

- Little to no moisture absorption. 

- Easy to clean as porcelain tiles are non porous, meaning that they are stain resistant.

- Scratch and abrasion resistant, giving an incredibly hard wearing surface.

- Resistant to fading, meaning that your patio will retain its colour.

- Slightly textured to provide a slip resistant finish.

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